I hate to admit this but my daughter eats better than me! I honestly believe it was from making all of her baby food fresh from the start. She was eating kale, broccoli, squash, cinnamon, you name it and she liked it! Yes, it takes time but if you make it in batches you can easily have enough for a month. I would commit to making it usually on the weekends so the hubby could help or keep baby occupied.

My favorite and only book I used is called Little Foodie by Michele Olivier. You can check out her website and blog here . This is not an ad, she has never paid or sent me anything. I just really love her recipes and her passion for making fresh healthy food. You will not regret buying this book it is the best! This book is not just for babies… Her recipes go all the way up to finger foods and include smoothies. Michele’s recipes are full of flavor and are easy to follow along. Most of them make big batches which I love!


If your looking for some easy products to use when making baby food you can check out Nuby’s Garden Fresh Steam N’ Mash Food Prep Bowl and Food Masher. You can purchase here


About the product:

  • Set includes Easy Grip food masher, colander, and textured, non-skid steaming bowl which holds up to 9 fl oz. of food
  • Perfect for parents who want to make fresh baby food quickly and in their own home
  • You can feed your baby from the bowl or snap the lid on and store for later
  • 6 Months+
  • Phthalate Free, BPA Free


If you plan on making your baby food in bulk I recommend buying at least 6 of these. It will make your life easier. Why I love these trays… You know how much your baby is actually eating. (Each cube is 1 oz) I would freeze the trays for a few hours, pop out the cubes and store them in a ziplock bag in the freezer. I made sure to label the bag with dates and what exactly the recipe was. (some of the recipes can stay in the freezer for a few weeks some cant) It was also nice to freeze them because we would just throw a few in a bowl when we would go out to eat and by the time we were eating they would be thawed out. You can buy them here


About the product:

  • Freezer tray features nine 1 oz. compartments for storing baby food
  • Snap-on Stay Fresh lid preserves flavors and nutrients and helps prevent freezer burn
  • The soft flexible tray makes it easy to pop out the portions straight from the freezer
    Colors may vary. You will receive one of the following colors: Orange, Green, Blue, or Pink
  • 4 Months + / BPA Free



These Nuby products are the perfect items for making baby food fresh! The little garden masher set is something I would recommend buying to to test recipes before making big batches. Thankfully Olivia loved 99% of the recipes in this book.  Make sure to check out Michele’s website for some free recipes and you can order her book on Amazon! I gift it to all my girlfriends who plan on making baby food.


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