Since Olivia was a baby she has had little bumps on the back of her arms and thighs. It’s a dermatitis she gets from her mama. I have tried endless bath soaps, creams, and lotions that claim to work for sensitive skin but never do the trick. I came across Itchy Baby Co. Instagram page last month and knew right away this was something I had to try! Her genuine reviews and pictures are truly incredible. Their products are 100% natural and contain no hidden chemicals.

You can check out Itchy Baby Co website here  Right now they are offering some great deals! Use code “bathsoak20” for 20% off individual bath soaks or their bath assortment pack (which comes with a free marshmallow soak with purchase)

Bath Soak Selections:

“Bathe daily with itchy baby co. natural bath soaks to give your child’s skin the most amount of moisture to help relieve itchiness and dryness.”

  • Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak (Contains natural colloidal oatmeal)

Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak

  • Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with Goats Milk (Contains natural colloidal oatmeal and full cream goats milk powder)

oatmeal bath soak with goats milk

  • Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with Goats Milk and Organic Coconut (Contains natural colloidal oatmeal, full cream goats milk powder, and organic coconut flour)

oatmeal bath soak with goats milk and coconut

  • Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with Marshmallow Root (Contains natural colloidal oatmeal and marshmallow root powder)

oatmeal with marshmellow root

Other Products:

Natural Oatmeal Moisturiser “Moisturise immediately after bathing with itchy baby co. natural moisturiser while the skin is still damp. Our moisturiser will melt into the skin and help lock in the goodness from our itchy baby co. bath soak, as well as mixing with the skin’s barrier to stop water loss & keep triggers out.”


Natural scalp oil “Our natural scalp oil is packed with the goodness of oat extract, which forms a barrier to trap hydration and help prevent water loss. The natural properties of coconut can prevent the skin flaking and calm itchiness while calendula oil adds soothing nourishment.”

**This product also works wonders directly on Olivia’s dermatitis.  I apply it on her thighs and arms after bath time. Her thighs have almost cleared up completely!

natural scalp oil

*New Product Alert*

Natural Oatmeal Face Mask  “Our natural face mask is packed with the goodness of colloidal oatmeal which hydrates the skin & targets itch & irritation. the added vitamin e heals & strengthens the skin.”

natural oatmeal face mask


In a few weeks I plan to upload some before and after pictures of Olivia’s thighs and arms so you can check out the results for yourself! This company is the real deal for sensitive skin and ecezma. Olivia tried the marshmallow soak first and we are just about out of it (it has last us about a month for reference)

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